The end of free expression in Holland

Something very scary happened in Holland last week.  The sort of thing one could imagine under Nazi occupation. The sort of thing against which brave Dutch Resistance fighters fought. Yet it happened at the hands of the government of the Netherlands, and so far the world's major media have uttered no a peep.  From Klein Verzet (a Dutch blog in English): 

When ten police officers (NL) entered the house last Tuesday, they shouted: "Now we've got you!" (NL). They arrested the man and searched his house and photographed everything. They finally had found the proof they where looking for, this was the anonymous cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot (Nekschot means deathblow, litt: "shot in the back of the neck"). This was the cartoonist responsible for those discriminating blasphemous anti Muslim cartoons!

During the arrest in his own house, the cartoonist was told by the police officers: "What you make, is much worse than what they made in Denmark. Do you understand what it means when you're identity gets known?". The officers made clear to him: he was no longer anonymous. On national television the Dutch Justice minister Hirsch Ballin (Christian Democrat) defended the arrest of the cartoonist and told that it was a good thing that his identity was finally made public.

The police interrogated the cartoonist for
thirty hours (NL) for making his cartoons. This is longer than normal, Justice defended their actions by claiming that the cartoonist had "made a living from continuous insulting and hate mongering" they could have jailed him for two more days if they wanted. The police also confiscated the computer, backup disks, usb sticks and mobile phone of the cartoonist, who now cannot make any cartoons anymore.

I remember when Holland was known for its "anything goes" public policies, the Dutch being devoted to freedom. Well, apparently some people are still free when it comes to speech:

The arrest is based on charged (NL) filed against the cartoonist in 2005 by a well known Dutch Jihadist named Abdul Jabbar Van de Ven. He was not the only one who filed charges in 2005, because he was also the leader of an Internet campaign to get as many Muslims as possible to file charges against the cartoonist. Abdul Jabbar van de Ven is a Dutch convert who is well known for his hate mongering against unbelievers. With the Dutch general public he is best known for calling for the dead of Geert Wilders, right after the slaughter of Theo van Gogh, in a live TV show. He was never prosecuted for it, because according to the Dutch government this was within the limits of free speech.

This is an amazing capitulation to thuggery and does not suggest a bright future for the Dutch, to say the least.

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