The Democrats' choice

Despite a large field of presidential cadidates initially, the Democrats never had anything better than a Hobson's Choice. To wit: which lousy horse do you want ride?

Out of all their initial candidates the most qualified (at least from the management experience point of view) was Dennis Kucinich. He has been the mayor Cleveland from 1977-79. During his disastrous tenure he survived a recall election, surely a resume enhancement. Tragically, his campaign didn't exactly catch fire.

Eventually the field was winnowed down; Joe Biden was still dogged by his plagiarism and an unfortunate racial comment; John Edwards' hair collapsed.

Because of Hillary's perceived inevitability and the fact the she and Obama had vacuumed up all the available cash from the netroot nuts, no moderate Democrat was able to gain any traction.

Of course having Howard Dean as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee originated the chaos that Rush Limbaugh has, in his characteristic Ju-Jitsu fashion, exploited and amplified. Rush's Operation Chaos has exposed Obama as an Elmer Gantry rather than the Messiah he pretends to be, by keeping Hillary alive but on life support.

All of this brings the Democrats to a fork in the road: Waterloo, Indiana.

Which disastrous recycled path to take?

The Jimmy Carter path is a one term highly failed Presidency which Obama represents; or,  the oft-repeated Michael Dukakis, John F. Kerry, Fritz Mondale election disasters path which Hillary represents.

The Democrats now appear to have moved from Hobson's to Sophie's Choice. To wit: a horrible choice; which one of your children, do you want to die first?

Hillary threatens her nuclear option; hasn't she demonstrated on multiple occasions that she will push that button?

If she plays that option, will the Party's most reliable voting block stay away on Election Day, making the nomination useless?

Could that force Obama into a third party split with Bloomberg?

The election results from North Carolina and Indiana illustrate the continuing blindness and deafness the Democrats have to the Rev. Wright / Bill Ayers/ Michelle Obama baggage.

The superdelegates' movement of late indicates the choice of the Carter path and the obvious power grab.

The Democrats are oblivious to the short term consequences for the country and the long term consequences for the Party.

Will Hillary be smart enough to see that her Waterloo should have been Iowa but is in fact Indiana? I doubt it.