Stupid politician tricks

A campaign stunt by Democrat Dan Seals, a candidate for the 10th district U.S. House seat in Illinois, seems to have backfired in a most predictable fashion.  The candidate, in what might appears to be a fairly naked attempt at bribing voters, offered to reimburse motorists who drove into a gas station in the district, the difference between the current price per gallon ($4.15) and the price per gallon when his opponent, Congressman Mark Kirk, came to office ($1.85). 

What the stunt produced was a massive traffic jam, and many angry motorists. And of course, the motorists stuck in traffic were burning their fuel while idling, going nowhere. Someone needs to contact Al Gore, so he is aware that a fellow Democrat is needlessly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention the balance of payments deficit.

One thing candidate Seals seems to have missed is that for the first six years that Mark Kirk served in Congress, gas prices did not change very much.  But since Democrats took over Congress, they have almost doubled in less than two years. Now, it is of course silly to blame a world wide increase in gas prices on the Democrats taking over Congress.   But for all those rabid Bush haters who find a reason to blame the President and or Dick Cheney for everything that has gone wrong in the world the last 7 years, isn't it fair to ask what is different about the last two years than the prior six?