Staying put despite deadly rockets

Deadly rockets launched by terrorists across the border crash three, four, five times daily; residents have a maximum of 15 seconds to dash for safety in southern Israel. 

And yet, paradoxically, according to this report from Matan Zuri of Ynet news, there is

A severe shortage of rental apartments, students unable to find a place to live and potential tenants fighting over every last vacant property

Huh?  Why is this dangerous location so attractive?  According to the head of the regional council

Even if people sometimes threaten they will leave, they then stop for a minute, think twice about it and realize that in spite of everything, you can live a very good life here

Echoing his colleague, another regional council representative stated

"Qassams and mortar shells are significant, but they are not everything. Deep in their hearts, people believe that one day this will end," he said.

Returning from England with her family to her native community about a mile from the border,  Amit summed up her move

"This is my home," Amit explained, "Even if the security situation here is dangerous, I feel like this is the safest place in the world. My children have learned to live with the Qassams.

"Even though it's scary, and at times I ask myself why I need this in my life, the bottom line is that I am the happiest here. Troubles and dangers can be found anywhere," she added.

Her children have learned to live with rockets; hopefully they soon will learn to live in peace and tranquility.  Either way, Israelis are not running from their homes, their lives.  And hopefully the government of Israel will soon reward their determination and courage with meaningful action to further guarantee their safety.