Sharon Stone on China Quake: 'Karma' for Tibet

Sharon Stone, best known for crossing her legs on camera, is a friend of the Dali Lama (or so she claims). When asked abut the recent horrific earth quake in China, which has caused upwards of 50,000 dead and 5 million homeless, Stone smilingly described the event as "karma" - payback for the Chinese not being nice to the Tibetans.

The comment brought to mind the controversy surrounding an ultra orthodox rabbi who was justifiably castigated for blaming the Holocaust on the fact that Jews did not keep the sabbath Holy.

Ms Stone, part of Hollywood's royalty, and long rumored to have been part of President Bill Clinton's court as well will likely escape this outrageous comment without any damage to her already declining career. Ms Stone's publicists have always put out the story that the actress is one of Hollywood's most intelligent stars,a high IQ genius of sorts.

I guess her friends will think this comment is evidence of that. At a minimum, this should earn her a guest spot to fill the Ben Afleck seat on the Bill Maher show.

Rich Baehr is American Thinker's Chief Political Correspondent