Let's not talk

Doing his best Joan Rivers imitation, presidential wannabe Barack Obama says "Let's talk." 

Ok, let's take him up on that.  Just what do Israel and Iran have to talk about regarding this conference as reported by the Islamic Republic News Agency?

Iranian Justice Seeking University Students Movement and University Students Mobilization Basij will jointly sponsor International Conference on Israel's End on May 26th, 2008.

So, just what should Israel talk about at this conference?  Or  the US?  No, no don't do it; not a good idea?  Or maybe, how can we appease you to bring about your desired goal?  I don't think so. 

While these talking points might please

The guests of the conference that would be attended by Iranian and foreign students of universities in Tehran will be intellectuals and university professors from Egypt, Venezuela, Morocco, Lebanon, Indonesia, the United States, Pakistan, Argentina, India, Iraq, Syria, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, France, Tunisia, and a number of other countries.

and maybe even more so called intellectuals and university professors here, the basic morality of this conference's theme, and others who support it, should make it totally beyond the realm of civilized discussion.