Is Allen West chopped liver?

Politico says:

Just a few years after the Republican Party launched a highly publicized diversity effort, the GOP is heading into the 2008 election without a single minority candidate with a plausible chance of winning a campaign for the House, the Senate or governor.

At a time when Democrats are poised to knock down a historic racial barrier with their presidential nominee, the GOP is fielding only a handful of minority candidates for Congress or statehouses - none of whom seem to have a prayer of victory.

Macsmind reminds us that's not true:

There's Lt Col Allen West, an African American, running for Congress in Florida's 22d Congressional District.

Mac doesn't say so, but I'm informed internal polling looks good and reports from there indicate that support for West continues to grow.*

Given that Democrats seem to single out Republican minorities for especially vicious treatment, I'm not surprised it is difficult to recruit minority Republican candidates .

* Fair Disclosure: After reading James Lewis' article in American Thinker about West, I was so impressed, I'm fundraising for him.