Giving peas a chance

New York City, like many American metropolitan areas, is home to a diverse group people of different ethnicities, socioeconomic classes, races, interests.  Long before diversity, along with its siblings pluralism and multi culturalism, became politically correct,  parades honoring the respective heritages spiced up the local cultural and political scene. 

The city just added  a new one.

The veggies your mom implored you to eat are getting their own celebration in New York City: The Veggie Pride Parade. (snip)

Parade organizer Pamela Rice (perfect name ECF) says the mission of the parade is to promote vegan and vegetarian lifestyles and the ethical treatment of animals. It was inspired by a similar parade in Paris, France.

As one who also likes fruit I am a bit miffed that they're not included in this celebration but hey, as long as eating them is not forced on me by law, the parade is a welcome addition to any city's scene.  Even if the idea originated in France.