Father Pfleger's Support for Farrakhan

When the Illinois Hate Commission was found to have on its board. a Nation of Islam member- Sister Claudette Marie Muhammed who proudly stood up for Louis Farrakhan, the notoriously anti-white and anti-Semitic Minister (or as Barack Obama refers to him using the honorific "Minister Farrkhan," a controversy erupted. She refused to denounce his racist and anti-Semitic remarks,and refused to resign.

The Board's three Jewish members resigned in protest. Father Michael Pfleger not only supported the Sister's refusal to condemn Farrakhan's racism, he said this of the resignation of the Jewish members of the board, "Good Riddance."

With his latest, belittling rant against Hillary Clinton, Pfleger may also be a misogynist , as well.   Obama's has identified Father Pfleger as on of his three spiritual mentors.
The other two, Pastor Jeremaih Wright-much commented upon- and the Reverend James Meeks, who has his own trail of controversy (among which includes a dislike of gays, Meeks has also been a beneficiary of campaign contributions from indicted Obama pal, Anthony Rezko.  

No wonder Barack Obam has not problem with the prospect of going on a "Great Haters of America" tour of the world. He appears to have no problem empathizing with their views of America-or Israel for that matter.   Much more about Pfleger by David Kopel at Volokh Conspiracy 
and our own Rosslyn Smith.