Carbon 'cap and trade' policies immoral

The carbon "cap and trade" policies advocated by Al Gore and John McCain are an immoral solution to a non-existent problem. So says  Britain's Lord Christopher Monckton, and he backs this statement up with scientific fact and analysis. See this paper.

I wish Lord Monkton could achieve a higher profile in the US since he is very articulate, passionate and on-top of all the scientific, economic and moral facts to debunk the Global Warming Hoax.  It you're not familiar with him, he successfully sued the UK educational establishment and forced them to acknowledge that An Inconvenient Truth is riddled with scientific errors.  He pursued this suit into the teeth of the Labor Gov't and Judicial establishment and only succeeded by highlighting the absurdity of their positions both legal and scientific.  We could use him to champion the truth here.  He said on Glenn Beck;s show that a similar suit against the US Educational establishment would cost about $6 million.