Calling our troops cold-blooded killers

Not that I want to bring any attention to that loser on MSNBC, but the comments made recently by Keith Olbermann on his "Countdown" show should be addressed, if only to point out how out of control these left-wing Bush haters are.

Olbermann has engaged in vitriolic diatribes against the president before, but this time he was way over the top. Referring to the US Military in Iraq as "merciless mercenaries who shoot unarmed Iraqis and then evade prosecution in any country by hiding behind your skirts, sir," this foul-mouthed commentator, struggling to get ratings for the moribund network, has resorted to calling our soldiers paid killers. Olbermann is one of those rabid radicals who foam at the mouth whenever the subject of war comes up. Not just the Iraq war, but any war. "Terrorism inside Iraq is your creation, Mr. Bush," he snarled, as spittle formed at the side of his mouth.

It's become almost axiomatic that whenever this country faces a challenge from without, leftists from within, like Olbermann, will always side with the enemy. When 3000 innocent civilians were massacred on 9/11, we never saw the type of outrage and bile-spewing utterances from Olbermann or his coterie of anti-America misfits. In fact, it wasn't long after the attack on this country that his ilk began insinuating, if not saying outright, that we got what we deserved. Less than a week after the Twin Towers came crumbling down, snuffing out the lives of thousands of Americans, Bill Maher, on his ABC show, "Politically Incorrect" said he didn't think the terrorists were cowards, as George Bush had described them. Instead he said, "We have been the cowards; lobbing cruise missiles from two thousand miles away. That's cowardly! Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it; but it's not cowardly."

Maher is another example of the limousine liberals like Olbermann who are paid millions of dollars annually working for a system that they detest, but one that they would never walk away from. Mr. O works for NBC, which is owned by General Electric, which has been one of the largest producers and sellers of landmines, rocket launchers and other anti-personnel weapons, many of which have ended up in the hands of America's enemies. We don't hear Mr. O fulminating about the billions of dollars made by his employer as they supply killing and maiming devices to our enemies. Many of those "four thousand dead soldiers," whom he blames on Bush, may have lost their lives and limbs because of "merciless" weapons sold by the same company that signs Mr. O's paychecks. If this guy really wanted to make a statement about his integrity and antipathy over the war, he could do so by resigning his lucrative position and stating that he could no longer accept "blood money."

You wouldn't want to be hanging by your thumbs waiting for that to happen. Instead, this rancid, fire-breathing hypocrite will continue to stuff his bank account with the liberal largesse of his "mercenary" boss, while firing verbal blasts at the man he abhors, not because of the Iraq war, but because of fundamental philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans. It's straight out of the liberal playbook to blatantly disregard inconsistencies in their own "moral" judgments, while highlighting every perceived imperfection in their rivals. Mr. O referred to an interview President Bush had in which he was asked if the reason he hasn't been playing golf for the last few years is related to Iraq. Bush replied: "I don't want some mom, whose son recently died, to see the Commander in Chief playing golf."

Now, to most people whose minds aren't poisoned with the sickening stench of political partisanship, that statement would be satisfactory. Bush was merely stating that he didn't want to be seen enjoying a golf outing while our troops were fighting and dying.  Au contraire; Mr. O adroitly distorted Mr. Bush's meaning with an acid-laced growl: "Mr. Bush, do you think these families, their lives blighted forever, care about you playing golf?" He went on to imply that the president said he was sacrificing his golf game in order to show solidarity with the troops. You see, it wouldn't matter how Bush answered the question; those who derive their daily sustenance from angst inspired liver secretions will always find an outlet for their venomous spurts.

At the conclusion of his 15 minute rant, during which viewers must have wondered when someone would run onto the set with a straightjacket, Mr. O, staring menacingly into the camera, told the president to "shut the hell up!" He forgot to thank the "merciless mercenaries" for fighting and dying for his right to say that without fear of being executed.