The Least Independent of 'Independent Experts' Around

Fresh from writing an op-ed for the Chicago Tribune extolling Barack Obama , Larry Korb now disparages General Petraeus in the New York Times  and preemptively belittles what is expected to be a fairly optimistic report on the situation in Iraq when Petraeus speaks on Capitol Hill this week.

In neither paper is Korb identified as being on the foreign policy team of Barack Obama -
despite the fact that his views as expressed in these two papers benefit his candidate. Ironically, Korb criticizes Petraeus for being the most political general since General MacArthur, citing an op-ed he wrote in the Washington Post defending the war and citing progress in Iraq  six weeks before the 2004 election between George Bush and John Kerry.
Yet, Larry Korb does not see fit to mention his own political role on behalf of Barack Obama; nor does the Chicago Tribune or New York Times care to disclose the partisanship that may corrupt Korb's views.

I suppose we can now call Korb the most political of independent "experts:. I am sure we will see more of Mr. Korb since he seems to have a regular gig shilling for Senator Obama.
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