Something rotten at Rotten Tomatoes?

I have been checking the Rotten Tomatoes website to find a time for Ben Stein's "Expelled" in the Phoenix area.   No showings at all. Suspicious, huh?   I found the movie times at another website. It is playing, for example, at Harkins Superstition Springs 25.   According to Rotten Tomatoes, there are 21 movies currently playing at that theater, not 22. They have omitted "Expelled."   The same with the two other theaters currently showing "Expelled" in the Phoenix area.   Rotten Tomatoes apparently is "de-listing" Stein's movie because it disagrees with the message.  

Peter Pegnam
Florence AZ

Editor's note:  The Rotten Tomatoes website does list "Expelled" as the tenth highest grossing move last weekend.

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