Monday is Patriots Day in Massachusetts, and just in time for the celebration, Tom Maguire brings us some memorable quotes on patriotism:

Love Of Country

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.

We are the heirs and caretakers of freedom; a blessing preserved with the blood of heroes down through the ages. One cannot go to Arlington Cemetery and see name upon name, grave upon grave, row upon row, without being deeply moved by the sacrifice made by those young men and women.

And those of us who live in this time, who are the beneficiaries of their sacrifice, dare not forget what they did and why they did it, lest we lose our own love of liberty.

Well, look, I revere the American flag, and I would not be running for president if I did not revere this country.  This is -- I would not be standing here if it wasn't for this country.

And I've said this -- again, there's no other country in which my     story is even possible; somebody who was born to a teenage mom, raised  by a single mother and grandparents from small towns in Kansas, you know, who was able to get an education and rise to the point where I can run for the highest office in the land.  I could not help but love this country for all that it's given me.                 
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