Obama Now Hiding from the Press

Barack Obama has glorified the role of words in moving history. He has relied on his oratory to propel his campaign. He has also advocated transparency and openness. Indeed he has made the public part of his campaign (Yes We Can).

Nevertheless, in the wake of a series of embarrassing media performances -- highlighted by his fumbling responses during last weeks debate with Hillary Clinton, he has now gone into hiding, avoiding the press and the pressing questions journalists may ask about his associates and his plans.

He fumbled the Charlie Gibson question regarding capital gains tax rates and showed himself to be out of his depth when handling policy questions without his handlers. This avoidance of the press is clear. He has not made himself availabe for questions from the press for 10 days now and the number looks to go higher

When asked about the endorsement by the Hamas terror group, he had a snippety answer, "Why can't I just eat my waffle"
 which echoes his behavior when confronted with questions about his ties to Tony Rezko, now on trial in Federal Court in Chicago. He avoided answering those questiosn and then stalked off from a press conference whining to the reporters "C'mon guys. I answered 8 questions."

 Now comes news that he will not participate in a debate with Hillary Clitnon before the North Carolina primary.
 This refusal to answer questions from the press puts on display once again that Barack Obama tends to lose his appeal when he is without his teleprompter (see "Obama Unplugged" by Dean Barnett) and when he is not in front an adoring audience or a fawning press.

If he cannot handle the press and answer their questions-the man who thinks words are so important-how will he handle the world's tyrants?

Is he really ready to assume the Presidency?