NYT a no-show at White House Correspondents Dinner

Editor & Publisher reports that the New York Times will not be sending anyone to this year's White House Correspondents Dinner. Last year, the paper bought two tables and had Karl Rove as one of its guests.

"These events can create a false perception that reporters and their sources are pals, and that perception could cloud our credibility," Spokeswoman Diane McNulty wrote. "It's not worth it."

Does anyone seriously think that the New York Times is "pals" with the Bush White House? And why is this suddenly a problem? Nobody seemed to worry about the Clinton Administration. What has changed?

Well, there is the little matter of the company losing money and having to announce newsroom layoffs.  Maybe they just can't afford it, and don't want to endure employee sniping about firing people instead of cutting back on the dinner tickets?

Hat tip: Jeanette Colville