'Mainstreaming' Bill Ayers

The Obama campaign referred to former Weatherman terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn as "respectable fixtures of the mainstream in Chicago..." after the last debate.

Well let's just take a peek at into the mind of Bill Ayers and see what is passing for "mainstream" in Chicago these days.

Below is a picture of the door leading to the office of Professor William Ayers at the University of Illinois, Chicago:

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What do we find on this fixture of the Chicago mainstream's door thus revealing some of his core beliefs?

I would describe the image as a Where's Waldo of lefty radicalism. There's at least three pictures of Malcolm X, a cartoon of a smiling police officer saying, "I'm going to kick your [tushie] and get away with it." A Red Star, an Amnesty International sticker, a Mumia Abu-Jamal picture, a picture of a bomb dropping on the Gaza Strip...
Mr. Jamal, you may recall, is the death row inmate who murdered a policeman and has become a cause celebre of the liberal smart set because he writes books about how awful it is to be on death row. What you may not know of Mr. Jamal is what two witnesses reported him saying at the hospital after being taken there for wounds received in his shootout with Patrolman Faulkner, the dead policeman:

"I shot the mother f***er, and I hope the mother f***er dies."

How very mainstream of him.

Ayers most recent pronouncements (and Dohrns) are contained on some audio tapes dug up by a small radio station in Chicago and
blasted over the internet on Wednesday by Powerline and Hugh Hewitt. The tapes show that Ayers and Dorhn are in the mainstream of Chicago politics only if Josef Stalin is mayor. This would come as a surprse to Mayor Daley who also has had kind words to say about Ayers/Dorhn - no doubt because he doesn't wish to anger the liberals in Hyde Park and because he has a sneaking admiration for the former terrorist's chutzpah.

Someone - John McCain, the GOP, or more likely some Republican 527 independent group will make Ayers a national issue in the general election campaign. And no doubt every commercial will feature the Obama campaign's belief that the former terrorists who are proud they tried to blow up the Pentagon and are on a first name, friendly basis with the probable Democratic nominee for president are in the "mainstream" of Chicago politics.

I wonder what Ayers' office door will look like on election day?