Letter from an Obama supporter

Re Robert Malley's account of Camp David - a little logic:

1. Dennis Ross is a Zionist Jew, a prominent "friend of Israel".

2. Bill Clinton lies like a rug.

3. Robert Malley is NOT a Zionist muckety-muck and an honest forthright man.

4. The only people who've found fault with the Walt/Mearshimer study are Zionist Jews/apologists for Apartheid Israel/neocons. Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Robert Gates, Jim Baker, Lee Hamilton, Richard Lugar, Chuck Hagel, Brent Scowcroft, George Herbert Walker Bush, and innumerable high-ranking military men all agree with its finding that the U.S.-Israel relationship is an "entangling alliance NOT in America's interests (9/11 anyone?)

5. If indeed Senator Obama becomes our 44th President, our government may finally be able to negotiate a Middle East Peace Agreement without the burden of the Israel Lobby dictating what it should do.

6. Nobody believes neocon liars like yourself anymore except your fellow neocons and "Israel can do no wrong" buffoons. Both Jimmy Carter's book and the Walt/Mearshimer study were runaway bestsellers and Obama will be able to steer the American public to the truth of what an albatross Israel has become.

David Swyer
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