Jimmy Carter: Hamas Apologist

Former President Jimmy Carter, fresh off his disasterous trip to the Middle East where he met and embraced Hamas officials, has an op-ed in the New York Times talking about what a swell job he does in talking to the thugs of the world and preaching to the rest of us about how important it is to carry on business as usual diplomacy with terrorists:

Here is Carter on how he almost singlehandedly brought peace to Nepal - by engaging Maoist terrorists in dialogue while bringing them into the government:

About 12 years ago, Maoist guerrillas took up arms in an effort to overthrow the monarchy and change the nation’s political and social life. Although the United States declared the revolutionaries to be terrorists, the Carter Center agreed to help mediate among the three major factions: the royal family, the old-line political parties and the Maoists.

In 2006, six months after the oppressive monarch was stripped of his powers, a cease-fire was signed. Maoist combatants laid down their arms and Nepalese troops agreed to remain in their barracks. Our center continued its involvement and nations — though not the United States — and international organizations began working with all parties to reconcile the dispute and organize elections.

The Maoists are succeeding in achieving their major goals: abolishing the monarchy, establishing a democratic republic and ending discrimination against untouchables and others whose citizenship rights were historically abridged.

After a surprising victory in the April 10 election, Maoists will play a major role in writing a constitution and governing for about two years. To the United States, they are still terrorists.
The Maoists are still considered terrorists not just by the US. Mr. Carter failed to mention that the Maoists are also considered terrorists by the EU and that China considers them a "destablizing force" in the region.

But never interrupt Carter when he is on an anti-American rant. By the way, the idea that the Maoists will give up power after two years is ludicrous. Only Jimmy Carter could be naive enough to believe that once in power, communists will give it up willingly.

But it was his trip to the Middle East that caused all the controversy. And Carter gives us the benefit of his wisdom on why talking to Syria and Hamas can be fun and profitable:
Hamas had been declared a terrorist organization by the United States and Israel, and the elected Palestinian government was forced to dissolve. Eventually, Hamas gained control of Gaza, and Fatah is “governing” the Israeli-dominated West Bank. Opinion polls show Hamas steadily gaining popularity.

Since there can be no peace with Palestinians divided, we at the Carter Center believed it important to explore conditions allowing Hamas to be brought peacefully back into the discussions. (A recent poll of Israelis, who are familiar with this history, showed 64 percent favored direct talks between Israel and Hamas.)

Similarly, Israel cannot gain peace with Syria unless the Golan Heights dispute is resolved. Here again, United States policy is to ostracize the Syrian government and prevent bilateral peace talks, contrary to the desire of high Israeli officials.

We met with Hamas leaders from Gaza, the West Bank and Syria, and after two days of intense discussions with one another they gave these official responses to our suggestions, intended to enhance prospects for peace.
This is truly weird. The "official response" by Hamas that Carter quotes - that Hamas would "accept" any agreement negotiated between Fatah and Israel was denounced the next day by Hamas officials. They are not interested in peace as Ed Lasky points out:
Not one mention of Hamas terrorism; no mention of the thousands of missiles launched into Israel that have maimed and killed ;no mention of how Hamas murdered opponents in Gaza and is oppressing and killing Christians; his note regarding Israel support for negotiation with Hamas is wrong. Hey..but Gilad Shalit gets to write a letter to his parents. Well..the thing speaks for itself-as does the NYT for carrying Carter's and Hamas's water.
Carter was duped and refuses to admit it. Only the supreme arrogance of the man explains this disconnect from reality.

Carter's trip accomplished nothing except generating some headlines for himself and giving Hamas a propaganda weapon to use against the current Administration. Some have suggested revoking his passport. Perhaps we should revoke his citizenship.