It's Official!

Anyone keeping up with the Manmade Global Warming Road show knew it would happen:

The BBC reports that China 'now top carbon polluter':

China has already overtaken the US as the world's "biggest polluter", a report to be published next month says. 


The research suggests the country's greenhouse gas emissions have been underestimated, and probably passed those of the US in 2006-2007.

Wow! What a surprise!  And it gets even worse: 

Next month's University of California report warns that unless China radically changes its energy policies, its increases in greenhouse gases will be several times larger than the cuts in emissions being made by rich nations under the Kyoto Protocol.

China radically change it energy policies?   China didn't sign onto Kyoto, and with January's paralyzing snowfall, stranding hundreds of millions of Chinese citizen, and with riots in Tibet and the Olympics fast approaching, Beijing's thoughts are elsewhere, even though: 

"All those concerned about climate change agree that China's emissions are a problem - including China itself."

Of course, everyone is so concerned and "are awaiting a formal comment from the UK Chinese Embassy . . ." One wonders how long they are going to have to wait.