Hamas and Fatah brotherly hatred

As Jimmy Carter lurches around the Middle East preaching to Moslem and Jewish leaders how love and talking to each other will solve all their problems and bring peace unto the land, some university Arab Moslem students just weren't listening.

The administration of the Islamic University in Hebron decided Saturday to suspend studies until further notice following fierce clashes on campus between students affiliated with Fatah and Hamas.

The clashes erupted after students belonging to the Hamas-affiliated Islamic List distributed leaflets accusing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's forces of arresting four of their colleagues.

Several students were wounded during the riots, eyewitnesses told The Jerusalem Post. They said the rioters also damaged furniture and equipment.

If the younger generation of Hamas and Fatah demonstrates such brotherly hatred towards each other, agreeing only that Israel must be eliminated, what will they do to their enemy Israel and the United States?

Even the arrogant Jimmy Carter can't change what is so ingrained in their culture; if they truly desire peace--a questionable presumption--it must come from within, not some infidel outsider.