Carter's hideous trip continues

With distorted glasses on his eyes and hatred in his heart, one term ex-president Jimmy Carter claims

Palestinian Authority Arabs living in Gaza are being "starved to death" by Israel.

Carter made the claim speaking with students at the American University in Cairo on Thursday, saying that Gaza Arabs are receiving fewer calories per day than people in the poorest regions of Africa.

"It's an atrocity, what is being perpetrated as punishment on the people in Gaza," said Carter. "It is a crime... I think it is an abomination that this continues to go on."

Of course Carter has never actually been in Gaza because, wisely

Israel declined to authorize his use of the Israel-Gaza crossings and there were no indications he requested an entry from Egypt.

Why should Israel allow special privileges to an arrogant individual who undermines its very existence; why didn't he ask his Egyptian buddies?  But of course Egypt has its own problems with Gaza; a few months ago thousands of Gazans violently broke through the border and are threatening to do so again. 

And Jimmy Carter, being the one-sided ex-president that he is, while cavorting with dictators and thugs

neglected to mention that the region's crossings with the rest of Israel have been closed since the Islamist Hamas terrorist organization seized total control of the area and began launching constant attacks on Israeli civilians. He also didn't mention that the crossings are opened daily for the delivery of humanitarian aid, including truckloads of food, medical and other supplies into Gaza.

And of course Carter neglected to mention

On Thursday, while Carter was denigrating Israeli treatment of Gaza residents, Hamas terrorists infiltrated through the Kerem Shalom Crossing and attacked an IDF post while trucks were passing through the crossing with essentials for Gaza.

Such facts would ruin Carter's day and message of comfort to terrorists and pain to victims.