Al Gore's syndrome?

Mark Shepard's excellent essay today entitled "Al Gore's Global Warming Therapy" suggests to me that premier climate alarmists, like Al Gore, may suffer what could be termed "Global Munchhausen-by-Proxy" Syndrome - an epidemic involving a new "strain" of the recently designated psychological condition, which, according to the website Kids Health

"involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a (child's) primary caretaker"

"Typically, the perpetrator feels satisfied when he or she has the attention and sympathy of doctors, nurses, and others who come into contact with him or her and the child."

For the child we substitute Al Gore's "planet with a fever".  For the "perpetrator" we substitute anthropogenic "global warming" alarmists uninterested in accurate diagnoses. 

The child and the planet are, in fact, healthy. It is the so-called ‘caregiver' who is ill -- with a mental condition characterized by an unhealthy and irrational desire for unwarranted attention and acclaim as extraordinary "caretakers" of the planet earth.