Durbin Blows His Defense of Obama

In a crisis like the one facing Obama, one of the worst things you can do is send out spokesmen who give false  statements or who contradict eachother. A sign of the amateur hour nature of the Obama response was Durbin's out and out falsehoods today in support of Obama, false statementsObama's campaign was forced to acknowledge when Byron York  challenged them

I just asked the Obama campaign whether Sen. Dick Durbin was mistaken when he told reporters a couple of hours ago that, "Many of the quotes that have been disclosed publicly were made by Reverend Wright at a time before Barack Obama became part of his congregation..." and that, "the people I have spoken to understand, as I hope we all do, that to hold Sen. Obama accountable for speeches and sermons that were given before he joined the church is fundamentally unfair."  I got back a one-word answer: Yes.

hat tip: Sue