Perversion at Facebook

Terrorists utilized contemporary technology  to extend the perverted party celebration following  the slaughter of eight unarmed teen aged students in Jerusalem last week. 

A new Facebook group memorializes the Palestinian attacker who murdered eight yeshiva students.

In addition to glorifying the students' murders, the Facebook page dedicated to Abu Ala Dhaim, 25, refers to him as a "martyr" and links to a page that calls Jews "pigs," according to a report by The Israel Project.

A picture posted on the Facebook page devoted to Dhaim shows the body of one of the dead students riddled with gunfire. At the top of the picture, the first line of the Arabic text reads "The Heroic Jerusalem Act."

So why do Secretary of State Rice, the State Department establishment and other appeasement  "peace"  types still believe it is worthwhile to negotiate with Hamas?  You don't negotiate with this type of thinking, these people, you defeat them.