Oprah lied, trust died

OMG!  You can't trust anyone anymore -- not even Oprah! 

A recent Oprah segment featured an attractive single mother of three who turned to stripping to support her family.  Why not?  The pay was good, the hours were conducive to spending quality time with the children and she was even able to save money. 

What a liberated woman! 

Uh oh!  It seems not only had she remarried but 
From the initial conversations with the producers at Oprah, she was straightforward with them about the fact that she was now married. When she began stripping, she was not married. As the matter of fact, during her in-studio taping with Oprah, she specifically asked them during a commercial break why they were not saying that she was now married. Apparently they thought the whole single mom angle made for a better story.

As the negative comments started collecting on the Oprah message boards, Marian and her husband contacted an executive producer who admitted to them in an email that they indeed knew she was married but chose not to mention that fact

Not that this has anything to do with Oprah's honest endorsement of Sen Barack H. Obama of course.