Obama unscrubbed (updated)

Steve Gilbert (a true master of internet research) finds interviews of Obama in 2004, now scrubbed from the Chicago Tribune website and the internet, and discovers Obama was opposed to gay marriage and for preemptive airstrikes against Iran (and Pakistan should the jihadis succeed in ousting Musharraf there). From Sweetness & Light:

Hmmm. There is a lot of saber-rattling here. Mr. Obama would attack Iran if they continue with their nuclear program unabated. He would even have the US invade Pakistan and take away their nuclear weapons if Mr. Musharraf were to be overthrown. Both of which sound very much like the kind of "pre-emptive warfare" he now so eloquently and adamantly attacks. Also, Mr. Obama's remarks that "marriage should be between a man and a woman," might not play so well with the homosexual community he is now so assiduously courting. But, to be fair, this from way back in 2004, when Mr. Obama was merely a lowly Illinois state senator. Not the omniscient being he is today. And thankfully for his campaign, this article has been expunged from the Chicago Tribune's website and from the internet, so nobody will ever hear about his untoward comments.  
Update: The article now appears on the Trib's website.