Iran continues to train killers for missions in Iraq

In his press briefing yesterday, Multi-National Force Iraq spokesman Rear Adm. Greg Smith made it very clear that Iran continues to train people for terrorist operations within Iraq. 

RDML SMITH:  The most appropriate way I think to answer your question is to simply not describe it words but describe it in actions.  And we have provided to you very clearly the actions of, again, elements inside Iran who it's clear are arming, training, and equipping and financing activities of criminal elements here inside of Iraq.  Those are not statements that we make. 

Those are, that's the evidence that we provided countless times here in this room and elsewhere.  And we'll continue to provide that information to you all when appropriate.  And we have shared that very same information, the information from detainees, for instance, several of which were detained this past fall in the months of October, November, and December, having recently returned from Iran, having been trained inside of Iran by elements inside that country. 

Those detainees, Iraqis, all speak the same story.  They all tell exactly the same involvement of handlers here inside of Iraq that move them into Iran specifically for training, how they were trained inside of Iran by Lebanese Hezbollah and other trainers, the training that specific they received in paramilitary activities, and that they were sent back here purposely, purposefully to support anti-coalition, anti-security, and obviously anti-peace and stability of Iraq. 

That's undeniable.  Again, those aren't our assertions.  Those are the exact facts associated with the Iraqis themselves who have provided that information to us.  And sharing that with you, I think, is the most visible way of we have describing precisely what's happening inside of Iran.  And we'll continue to do that and again in the weeks to come. 

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