Gandhi on Jesus


A couple of months ago the Washington Post published a vile opinion piece in its religion section titled "Jewish Identity Can't Depend on Violence."  The author was Arun Gandhi, yes the Mahatma's grandson.

Inundated with objections the WaPo  decided to publish  Mr. Gandhi's equally vile, kind of, sort of,
not really apology.

Drowning in even more objections, the Post issued an apology asking  the
readers to extend "On Faith" a measure of forbearance and tolerance as the site endeavors to conduct a civil and illuminating conversation.
Apparently deciding they have their readers' "forbearance and tolerance," Gandhi has returned confidently stating
Jesus Would Be A Liberal
He would be neither a Democrat nor a Republican but a Liberal.

And why does this self proclaimed "non-Christian" believe this?

I say this because my perception of a Divine Being is one who is full of love, compassion, respect and understanding. In my view Jesus embodies all these and more.

The Democrats and the Republicans can boast of none of these positive attributes. Their politics is all about the self and power.

According to the readers' response, most disagree with him, with several  even questioning why Mr. Gandhi has returned to the hallowed (net) pages of the Washington Post. 

Good question.