Debunking Gore's 'consensus' hoax

This new book by Lawrence Solomon who wrote a series of articles in Canada's NATIONAL POST about eminent "deniers" of Climate Alarmism has discovered there were so many such individuals he had to write a book to document them all. 

The AMAZON.COM Editorial Review of The Deniers speaks for itself:

"Book Description
Is The "Scientific Consensus" on Global Warming a Myth?

Yes, says internationally renowned environmentalist author Lawrence Solomon who highlights the brave scientists--all leaders in their fields-- who dispute the conventional wisdom of climate change alarmists (despite the threat to their careers)

Al Gore and his media allies claim the only scientists who dispute the alarmist view on global warming are corrupt crackpots and "deniers", comparable to neo-Nazis who deny the Holocaust.

Solomon calmly and methodically debunks Gore's outrageous charges, showing in on 'headline' case after another that the scientists who dispute Gore's doomsday scenarios have far more credibility than those who support Gore's theories. These men who expose Gore's claims as absurd hold top positions at the most prestigious scientific institutes in the world. Their work is cited and acclaimed throughout the scientific community. No wonder Gore and his allies want to pretend they don't exist.

This is the one book that PROVES the science is NOT settled. The scientists profiled are too eminent and their research too devastating to allow simplistic views of global warming--like Al Gore's--to survive. "

Hat Tip: NRO Planet Gore.

Hat tip for National Post series: Paul Hughes
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