Damn Chickens (continued)

Barack Obama can't abandon his pastor?  Really, it's that he won't. It's a conscious choice he's making because he knows full well that doing so would cost him most of his Black support, and therefore any chance of winning the general election, much less the nomination.
It's not that Rev. Wright, or his "God Damn America" comments doomed Obama.  That's just a symptom, now exposed.  It's that some part of Barack and Michelle bought into the whole Church's ideology in the first place that is dooming him.  It's those roosting chickens, again.  Rasmussen and Zogby polls, out today, now show John Mccain with 4-5 point national leads over both Democratic candates and show Hillary ahead of Obama.  Yes, to no one's surprise, race is playing a part.  The surprise is that Obama is looking like the racist to just enough of white America to change a once favorable dynamic upside down.

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