And Now...The Paterson Tapes

Did they do nothing except partake in illicit sexual trysts in the Spitzer Administration?

It now appears that new governor David Paterson was a little less than completely candid when he said his extramarital affairs ended years ago.

A former Olympic gold medalist has stepped forward with the news that she and the governor enjoyed a "close personal relationship" earlier this year and she has the tapes to prove it - secret telephone conversations that promise to reveal some titilatting tidbits about their affair:

An attractive Olympic gold-medalist says she had a close personal relationship with Gov. Paterson earlier this year - during which time she recorded a series of secret telephone conversations with him.

Track-and-field athlete Diane Dixon, of Brooklyn, also told The Post that she had received a private message yesterday morning from Paterson, asking if she was speaking with the media.
Paterson also may have intervened to get her a $50,000 a year job:
Dixon, 43, said Paterson, 53, was "mostly responsible" for getting her a badly needed job earlier this month with the city Department of Education in Crown Heights' District 17.

Paterson, a Democrat who was sworn in on Monday, admitted yesterday to having had several extramarital affairs, but contended they all ended years ago. He was informed by The Post in the morning that at least one news organization had been notified he had recently been involved with a woman from Brooklyn.

Paterson denied the claim.

But a few hours later, Dixon called The Post to say she had received a message from Paterson inquiring about whether she was talking to the press.
This is getting good. I wonder who's next in line to have their dirty laundry plastered all over the New York tabloids?

You know that if Obama hadn't given his speech yesterday, this would be getting big play. It may yet if those tapes get released.