About those 'non-existent' North Korea Nuclear Engineers in Syria...by R. Moran

Following the Israeli bombing of a military site in Syria (we still have no positive ID of what was at that site), there were many Syrian apologists who scoffed at the notion that North Korea would send any materials or nuclear engineers to Syria and help them develop a nuclear program.

So sorry:

North Korea admitted to sending engineers to military- related and other facilities in Syria during its recent talks with the United States over its nuclear program, diplomatic sources in New York said Friday.

Pyongyang, however, denied its involvement in Syrian nuclear development, according to the sources.

The dispatch of engineers and other personnel for bilateral cooperation, including on the military front, started in around 2000, North Korea told the United States in their talks from the end of last year to January.

The North also exported materials to Syria, the sources said. Pyongyang claimed most of the personnel worked at civilian facilities, according to the sources.
Oh well, we all make mistakes. Except that those who consistently understate the threat from nation's like North Korea and Syria seem to be making a lot of them lately.

And the world can't afford the kind of "head in the sand" analysis we are getting from these jokers.