$148 million for UNWRA from the US

About the suffering of those inhabitants of Gaza because the nasty Israelis are supposedly denying them food, water, electricity and other essentials just because the Gazans are bombing Israel while vowing to eliminate the country and its citizens. 

The U.S. contribution for 2008 to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency has reached $148 million.

The total, less than three months into 2008, is just $6 million shy of the overall 2007 spending.

And of course that doesn't count the many millions pouring into the Gazan cesspool courtesy of the Europeans and other sympathetic Arab/Moslem countries.  UNWRA is the official UN agency dedicated to working exclusively for the so called Palestinian refugees for the past 60 years; all other international refugees are lumped together under another UN agency.    Why does the US continue to throw away this money without demanding deep structural changes and genuine peace?