Western Greenland Ice Sheet also Growing; Experts see Global warming as culprit

Following up on Mr. Lifson's post from yesterday about the Arctic ice sheet growing, we get news that the ice between Canada and Greenland has also been expanding.

Now there are some things in science that are counterintuitive. Quantum physics for one. But it takes some pretty agile intellectual gymnastics to posit the notion that because the ice off the coast of Greenland is expanding, this is further proof of global warming.

Denmark's Meteorological Institute:

'Weather is a phenomenon which changes from year to year and right now the atmosphere has changed so we have cold weather. That will certainly mean that melting ice in the North Pole will be less this year, but next year the situation can look completely different,' according to [no first name given] Henriksen
That's pretty obtuse even for a scientist.

The fact is, when global warming advocates want to make a point, they tend to blur the differences between weather and climate. This is true except when the weather proves them wrong in which case they immediately flip their argument and point to the long term climate not being affected by short term weather changes.

It would be hilarious if wasn't so transparently intellectually dishonest.