The Democrats' debate last night

Obama was unflappable and very smooth. Her strategy was to unnerve him by annoying him with relentless attack on his health care plan. He held his own.

He also lies: he is not ahead in every poll with john McCain- Rasmussen and Gallup have McCain ahead.  He knows this, but also knows he can get away with it.

He said it is wrong for Exxon to make $11 billion in a quarter.  What is the right amount they should earn? His anti business rhetoric will never create a job, but will hurt the stock market, which damages workers' pensions, and the over half of Americans who are invested in some way. 

He takes credit for a lot of stuff in Illinois Senate, as if without him none of it would have happened. He needs to be called on this. His record was pretty thin. Russert and Brian Williams are both lame, and so was Hillary. When issue was raised about Farrakhan and Wright, the guy he should have been asked to condemn was Wright. Why did he stay in Trinity United Community Church for 20 years? 

McCain may be too cautious. It is very tricky running against Obama. But if you want frustration, look at Hillary's face.  Nothing worked. He skated away from a question that he is more liberal than Ted Kennedy by comparing his record to Hillary's, saying only minor differences exist, and challenged the scoring of these ratings. He is endorsed by Farrakhan, ,daniel Ortega,,  Bill Ayers. His disposition says moderate, but his record and associations say radical.

It is very clear that he will not take federal money; he thinks he can bury McCain with his fundraising in the general election.

Hillary was off her game - she forgot name of the Russian president. That's very embarrassing for a wonk. She was trying too hard to score points. No charm at all. I think she knows it will be over soon.