New Texas Poll Shows Obama ahead

In a state that Hillary Clinton desperately needs to stay in the race, an ARG poll released today shows an Obama lead in Texas.

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The details are shocking:

Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama among self-described Democrats 47% to 42%. Obama leads Clinton among self-described independents and Republicans 24% to 71%. Obama leads among men 55% to 29% (47% of likely Democratic primary voters) and Clinton leads among women 54% to 42%. Clinton leads Obama among white voters 51% to 40% (53% of likely Democratic primary voters), Obama leads Clinton among African American voters 76% to 17% (22% of likely Democratic primary voters), and Clinton leads Obama among Latino voters 44% to 42%.
A close Latino vote will doom Hillary's chances. And if Obama gets 71% of independents, it will be very hard for Clinton to overcome that deficit by winning a bare plurality of Democrats.

Of course, this is only one poll and there are still 17 days until the primary - an eternity this campaign season. But the poll reveals that Hillary has a lot of work to do if she is to win Texas and stay alive.
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