Justice Rodham-Clinton?

If anyone thinks that Obama's nomination would put the Clintons in America's rear-view mirror for once and for all, think again. Hillary's life has been spent in the pursuit and enjoyment of power. She will not go quietly into that good night.

If she withdraws short of the convention and throws her support behind Obama, it's because there was a juicy backroom deal.

Vice Presidents don't have legacies, but Supreme Court Justices sometimes do.
I would like the media to ask Obama if he will/would/might nominate Hillary to the Supreme Court. Hammer this issue through Election Day.

Given a Democrat-controlled Senate and a Democrat in the White House, Senate rules could be suspended to avoid a filibuster. Republicans considered just this tactic when they last controlled the Presidency and Senate.

With the prospect of Hillary on the Supreme Court, McCain's efforts as part of the Gang of 14 don't look so foolish, or un-conservative, do they?

Robert Zafft
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