A mind is a terrible thing to waste

The latest fading minor celebrity to claim the spotlight (in this case overseas) for his BDS ranting is Philip Roth, most famous as the writer of Portnoy's Complaint, a novel published almost 40 years ago.

Bookworm happened to spot Philip Roth's utterly repulsive interview in the Spiegel.  In response, she published a post looking at the quintessential aging liberal's view of the current political scene.  A sample:

I've never been able to read Philip Roth's novels because I cannot stand his navel gazing (or should I say penis-gazing?) characters. They are, for me, profoundly uninteresting. Perhaps the problem with his writing is his thinking. Why do I say this? Because Roth unloads about politics in Spiegel interview, and pretty much highlights everything that's infantile and narcissistic about liberal thinking with regard to the Bush administration and the upcoming elections.

She goes into specifics, fisking the interview. This is a great takedown of a pompous jerk.

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