Was the Thompson Campaign A Farce?

Carl Cameron of Fox News is reporting on his blog that he has been keeping a secret about the Thompson campaign for months; that the idea of a  Thompson for President campaign was actually a trial balloon to float the senator's name for Vice President:

I reported first that he was eyeing a White House bid. At the time several insiders told me OFF THE RECORD that it was largely a trial ballon to guage his popularity and float his name as a possible vice presidential nominee. I was sworn to silence.

Those insiders have now lifted the conditions on our conversations. From March to August of 07 through postponed announcement days, staff changes, firings, resignations and general disarray the Thompson camp was stunned by the incredibly positive response and didn’t really know how to manage it. The trial balloon soared mighty high and he found himself being dragged into a race that he was not even sure how to run.
If true (and there are some who question how accurate the story is) it would mean that Thompson was not truthful with his supporters, that he was never a serious candidate for president.

I also heard this story months ago from a couple of sources. And I heard that Thompson almost didn't run because of his animus towards the entire process of running for president. You hear all sorts of rumors during a campaign and Cameron's sources - "insiders" he calls them - could be anyone. But it is doubtful that those closest to the candidate would have revealed such information.

Until we hear from Thompson, it would be best to withhold judgement on whether the story is true or not.

Such a revelation almost certainly dooms any hopes Thompson would have for the second spot on any ticket.