Today's must-see photo (updated)

Sweetness & Light, which has a track record of discovering telling news photos, has a new one here, and asks the important question: "Do we really want these children back in the White House?"


Photoshopped? A reader writes:

I'd bet my left big toe that this is a PhotoShop job ala Reuters. If you blow it up in the image software of your choice nothing is right about it. Look on the edges of the Hillary portion and the "shopping" is clearly (at least to me) visible. Lighting intensity and angle are different from Obama to Clinton in the shot as well. I think they purposely blurred Mrs. Clinton in an attempt to hid the "shop" work.

Hope they're not claiming they took this at the State of the Union event, as the lighting is wrong (too harsh compared to the chamber lighting), Obama's tie is wrong (striped v. solid), and I don't think the video record will show any time in which Mrs. Clinton was in front of Obama for such a shot.

Guess I could be wrong, but I don't think so...