Spanish appeasement backfires

A new al Qaeda plot set in Spain and involving other European targets was recently disrupted, as reported by Reuters. The attack was set to occur shortly before a general election, much like the previous horrendous attack carried out in 2004. That attack led to a new government in Spain that immediately cut support for coalition efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. In short, Spain gave in to al Qaeda under the belief (as argued by Democratic leadership and Ron Paul) that meddling in the Middle East is the reason al Qaeda declared war on them.

This attack, a repeat of the 2004 bombings was to set the stage for al Qaeda to make demands on Spain. This plot is yet further evidence that to accede to the demands of terrorists is not the way to prevent future attacks. There is only one way, by discrediting the ideology that drives young Muslim men to carry out these attacks. And in the Arab culture, a true culture of "might makes right", to discredit terrorist ideology means to defeat them on the battlefield.

This plot is further indication that President Bush's decision to face the Islamic extremists on the battlefield and attack state and private sponsorship is the only way to defeat the long term Islamic extremist threat.