Sienna Poll Shows Rudy Trailing in his home state (Updated)

Bad news for Rudy Giuliani. A new poll conducted by Sienna College has the former New York Mayor trailing John McCain by double digits:

174 Registered Republicans (± 7.4%)

36 McCain
24 Giuliani
10 Romney
7 Huckabee
6 Thompson
17 Don't know/No opinion

The poll was taken before McCain's big win in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton maintains a big lead in her home state:

311 Registered Democrats (± 5.6%)

48 Clinton
23 Obama
10 Edwards
19 Dont know/No opinion

The high margin of error makes the poll more of a converation piece than anything else. Nevertheless, the poll reflects all other recent polls that show McCain spurting into the lead. California, Connecticut, and New Jersey all show similar boosts for McCain.

A surprise is expected later today when a Florida poll comes out. We'll update this post later on.


The surprise is a Rasmussen poll from Florida showing Mitt Romney up by 5 over John McCain:

Election 2008: Florida GOP Primary

Mitt Romney


John McCain


Rudy Giuliani


Mike Huckabee


Fred Thompson


Ron Paul


Not Sure


Giuliani desperately needs a win here or he might was well go home. He is still within striking distance but it is looking more and more as if the Republican nomination for president is a two man race between Romney and McCain.
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