Oprah and Obama

Much of what is wrong with Western Civilization today can be summed up in two words---Oprah Winfrey.  With Oprah, facts, reality and logic mean nothing, it is only how you feel about a matter that is important. She was an evil John the Baptist who prepared the way for Bill Clinton and his "I feel your pain" nonsense; and today she is operating as a female Rasputin in her relationship with Obama, whose only qualification for being President is the emotional effect he has on his followers.  

Our next President will face the hard realities of a world in crisis. Our next President must lead us against vicious enemies who are unmoved by anyone's personal charisma; enemies who honor only the emotions of hatred. The last thing we need in such a time is the Oprah and Obama feel-good fantasy falsehood.  

In refusing access to her very influential show to all candidates except Obama, Oprah is also revealing her racist inclinations. She built her media empire by manipulating and mesmerizing millions of Caucasian women, but now her prejudices against them have come to light.   Oprah is a sign of the times. We must wake up, take her influence seriously, and sound an alarm.  

mike sutton

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