Obama and racial absolution

Fred Siegel writes insightfully about the Obama phenomenon and the longing for racial absolution among Democrats in Commentary's blog.  Read the whole thing.

"...for those I've talked to who are older partisan Democrats who've reconciled themselves to the loss of white middle class male voters, Obama's appeal in part is that he incarnates the Democratic Party. He is both a highly educated member of the upper middle class and a half-minority. As one of my acquaintances put it, referring to the way Obama blends an educated articulation of policy positions with the uplifting cadences of the African-American preacher: "Who better to represent us?" Some continue: "Who better to heal our racial wounds?" When I press them on this point, explaining that I live in the most racially diverse neighborhood in the U.S. and that I'm not looking for a priestly President who can absolve me of my sins, I'm told that such absolution is a good thing-whether I want it or not."

Ht tip: Ed Lasky

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