Canadian Moslems diss Seinfeld

Proving once again that truth is stranger, much stranger, much more bizarre even than fiction, the creator of the taxpayer supported Canadian Broadcasting System's Little Mosque on the Prairie, (yes, there is such a show up there) speaking at a conference on (imaginary) racism against Moslems plaintively

wondered why commentators never criticized the TV show, Seinfeld, which is about a New York Jewish comedian, for failing to deal with the contentious issue of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territory.
Seinfeld, which dealt mainly with such contentious issues as which of the main losers could most politically incorrectly score (well, this is a family site, kind of) with the opposite sex, would  probably have dealt with this "contentious issue" in an equally hilarious un-pc episode that would have angered  Nawaz, the Little Mosque's creator, even more.  And Seinfeld would have become even more popular, if possible.  So Nawaz is correct in a way he didn't mean---Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David overlooked a comedic possibility.

Ironically,  the actors in Little Mosque, purportedly about a typical wholesome, peacefully loving  Moslem family in the wilds of Canada

are all played by Protestants, Catholics and Hindus, because, for whatever reasons, Muslim members of Equity declined to be associated with the show.