Was Key Intel for NIE Planted by Iran?

Given that the Iranians knew we were trying to uncover as much information as we could regarding their nuclear program, is it to be believed that they were incapable of planting written notes and engaging in over the air conversations that would mislead America?
Recall, that before the Iraq War, Colin Powell played a tape of Iraqis discussing what was believed to be WMD. Surely, the Iranians knew we were eavesdropping. Just as Saddam Hussein misled observers regarding his nuclear program to scare off his foes, the Iranians could very well be doing the reverse-creating a false picture to disarm its opponents.
An Iranian source was also credited with bringing documents to the attention of Western authorities. The possibility of a double agent is explored here. A similar human source, Curveball, gave us false information regarding Iraq and WMD.  Has history repeated itself?

There was resistance in the intelligence community to believe
these notes were reliable. Nevertheless, the three authors used their "judgment" to conclude this (mis?)information warranted a wholesale rejection of their previous views and ignoring a raft of other evidence (let alone common sense) pointing to Iranian programs geared towards nuclear weapons. Unbelievable....

The Iranians knew we were listening. They disclosed (as they always have) what they wanted to.
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