The lesson of Bhutto: A time for adults

OK, playtime's over!  Time for the adults to take charge.

The Clinton Nineties were a decade of playing pretend. The Soviet Union was gone, and conservatives heaved a sigh of relief. We didn't notice that the Boomer Left had infiltrated American and European culture, which went straight to the bottom.

Bill Clinton was our first Boomer Left President. If you believe some of the lurid tales, they had pot parties in the White House and gay sex in the Lincoln Bedroom; Monica's Blue Dress in the Oval Office is a confirmed fact. The media were completely in the bag for Bill. They loved him, and covered up all his sins as long as they could. They still do today.

William J. Clinton had a dozen chances to get Osama Bin Laden, who was a known threat to the United States. But Clinton skipped those openings because he didn't want to risk his popularity, and the lawyers thought the 1993 Twin Towers truck bombing didn't justify a serious response. The US was castrated by liberal lawyers.

We weren't serious about jihadi terrorism, but they sure were serious about us.

Then 9/11 happened, and the Dem Left and the media have been evading the obvious conclusions ever since. Half the American people still don't get it, because the media are playing deaf, dumb and blind. But mostly Dumb.

Hillary Clinton and Obama are now running for President, and the Islamofascist threat hasn't even been mentioned much if at all in their campaigns. It doesn't really exist, as far as Democrats are concerned. Hillary just accused Obama of wanting to be president all the way back to kindergarten. Obama says we should be nicer to Ahmadi-Nejad, who has spent his life promoting martyrdom operations.

The media don't care who becomes president as long as it's a Leftie Democrat.

On the Left this is not an adult campaign. 

Only the stodgy GOP candidates have talked about national survival. Mitt, Rudy and Fred have no trouble understanding it. Terrorists plus nukes are the biggest threat to our national survival today. Pakistan has dozens of nukes, and tens of millions  of Islamic fascists. That means heap big trouble, kids.

Today Benazir Bhutto is assassinated in Pakistan. This is the second time in a month the fascists went for Ms. Bhutto. The first time they handed her a baby wrapped in a bomb, and exploded the bomb. More than 170 people died, but Ms. Bhutto survived by a thousand-to-one chance.

From the Washington Times, December 14:
"It was about 1 or 2 years old, and I think it was a girl," Mrs. Bhutto told The Washington Times in her first public remarks about the baby.

"We feel it was a baby, kidnapped, and its clothes were rigged with explosives. He kept trying to hand it to people to hand to me. I'm a mother, I love babies, but the [streetlights] had already gone out, and I  was worried about the baby getting dropped or hurt."

Mrs. Bhutto would have been killed, she said, if she hadn't stepped back to loosen the shoes on her swollen feet.

"The baby, the bomb, it went off only feet from me; there was nothing between us but the wall of the truck," she said.

"We were rocking from side to side, this huge truck. We saw the bodies, the blood everywhere; we saw the carnage. Some bodies were naked, with their clothes burned off," she said, shutting her kohl-rimmed eyes against the vision. "
That was two weeks ago. Today, Benazir Bhutto is dead.

The jihadis have an endless supply of suicide killers, indoctrinated in the Wahhabi madrassas, financed by our Saudi friends.    They did to Benazir Bhutto exactly what they did to the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, just before the Taliban were overthrown: assassinate the most popular leader of the opposition. In Pakistan, we know who might be behind this: former Pakistan Secret Service (ISI)  General Hamid Ghul. That's who Bhutto thought was behind the first assassination attempt. Another possibility is Bin Laden's second in command, Dr. Ayman Zawahiri, who has been running Al Qaida. Or possibly both.  

It's not likely that President Musharraf was involved, because he's been targeted with four major assassination attempts by the crazies, and he knows Bhutto's killing could lead to civil war. He's been trying to keep things from falling apart.

No, this likely is a jihadi killing. Benazir Bhutto had three strikes against her: She was a woman, a modernizer, and a charismatic opposition leader. She could have won the election. That's why the jihadists hated and killed her. 

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, Hamas children's TV indoctrinates toddlers to become the suiciders of the future. Here's what they are singing:

"We have regained our freedom through bloodshed and the wrath of fire.

We came out on the day of liberations to celebrate our pride - hurrah!

We came out on the day of liberations to celebrate our pride - hurrah!"


Oh Gaza, the first stone [of the Intifada], where we celebrated our victory -

raise your sail for the sailors, and let your lighthouse illuminate the sea of blood."
The teacher, Saraa, Tells Kids "We Can All be Sacrificed for the Sake of the homeland."

And if you really don't see any connection here, you must be a liberal Democrat. Or terminally Dumb.

Time to grow up, everybody.

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