Preparing for defense cuts if the Dems win the White House

The following photographs came in via email. I have tried to track down the creator(s) and get permission to post them, but have been unable. If the creators step forward, we'll be glad to give them credit for their work. But these are just too funny to pass over. Our military forces are not only our best, they are also some of our funniest.

mobile artillery?


wing gun 1

wing gun 2

Coast Guard

Hat tip: Dennis Sevakis

Update: A reader writes:

I believe the chaps in the first picture are Brits or Germans. I blew the picture up to 400% and the cammo does not appear to be any US pattern that I've seen in a (now completed) Army career. For example, compare their uniforms to the pants on the Airman in the second photo and the DCU pants on the likely Marine in the 3rd photo. Of course, this all relatively pointless and unimportant - just don't want the New Republic holding you out as an example of shoddy war reporting.  Great Pics.

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