Obama's 'Call to Serve' Plank

Senator Obama will reportedly introduce a raft of new policy proposals that will play upon the theme of asking people to engage in national service. Among his ideas would be an expansion of the Peace Corps, programs to encourage volunteer service by high schoolers, and other feel good sorts of gestures.

However, one item caught my eye: a new Homeland Security Corps. I seem to recall that groups such as the Minutemen who are trying to patrol our borders to prevent illegal immigration and possible terrorist infiltration have been roundly condemned by Democrats. Similarly, the TIPS program-enacted in the wake of 9/11-attempted to enroll civilians in a project that would have resulted in suspicious activity being reported to the federal authorities. This program , too, was subject to such savage attack that it was withdrawn.

Now we have Obama introducing a program that seems geared to also asking patriotic citizens to defend their nation. Methinks it will be received more positively...
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